Deanna Bowen

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Hunting the Nigs in Philadelphia: Or An Alternate Chronology of Events Leading Up to and One Year Beyond the Columbia Avenue Uprisings, August 28-30 1964: 2015, interdisciplinary installation/performance work

The Paul Good Papers: Atlanta Reels: 2013, interdisciplinary installation/performance work

Invisible Empires: 2013, interdisciplinary intervention

The Paul Good Papers: 2012, interdisciplinary installation/performance work

Deconstruction of a Political Engagement (the Selma Project): 2011, interdisciplinary intervention

sum of the parts: what can be named: 2010, single channel video, 18:00 mins, colour, HD

sum of the parts: suspended, feature length experimental documentary

Shadow on the Prairie: 2009, multi-media video installation

Gospel: 2007-2008, multi-media video installation

Lean on Me: 2008, single channel video projection

(truth)seer: 2005, single channel video, dvd, 18:11 mins, b&w and colour

Grist: 2002, dual channel video installation. beta sp, 9:15 mins, colour

Deutschland: 2000, beta sp, 16:35 mins, colour

sadomasochism: 1998, beta sp, 14 mins, colour

milk-fed: 1997, vhs, 8 mins, colour