sum of the parts: what can be named

Director, Producer, Narration, Research: Deanna Bowen

Co-Producer: Scott McLaren

Videography: Christopher Behnisch

Editor: Paul Hili

Assistant Editor: Kailey Birk, John Verhaeven

Production Assistant: Annie Cheung

Sound Restoration: Josh Vamos

Post Production Facilities: Fearless Films Post Production

Commissioned and Distributed by: VTape

sum of the parts: what can be named. 2010, 18:00 mins, Colour, HD

sum of the parts: what can be named is a performed oral history specially commissioned by V Tape. The eighteen minute video recounts the ‘disremembered’ journey of the Bowen family from its earliest documented history in Clinton, Jones County, Georgia in 1815, as told by Bowen herself.