“…(truth)seer is a floating, lyrical escapade as otherworldly, nocturnal, and bedeviling as a Satie song…

(truth)seer is a dreamlike experiment in storytelling that plays with time and narrative via the use of audio design and symbolism. The work conceptually examines the ways in which time distorts as individual consciousness mutates. (truth)seer uses the allegory of “David and Goliath” as the foundations for a symbolic autobiographical depiction of the triumph over an array of personal issues. The project reinterprets the biblical story through live action 16mm footage, hand drawn characters and digital animation. The central characters have been recast as identical twins to metaphorically propose that both characters are facets of the same person, thus transforming the battle between giant and boy into a struggle within the self.” R.M. Vaughan, “The Big Picture 51,” National Post, October 8, 2005

Director, Producer, Picture Editing, Animation: Deanna Bowen

Cast (David & Goliath): Jean & Kathy Choi

Cinematographer: Marcos Arriaga

Camera Assist: Serhat Yalcinkaya

Sound Design: Chandra Bulucon, Puppy Machine Productions

Voices: Nobu Adilman, Chandra Bulucon

Production Assistants: Greg Boa, Scott Berry, Pat Lefebvre, Andrew Lennox, Anna Malkin, Julie Saragosa, Elida Schogt

Funded by the Toronto Arts Council & The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

(Truth)seer. 2005, Colour, DVD, 18:11 minutes, Looping Single Channel projection