Deconstruction of a Political Engagement (the Selma Project)

Deconstruction of a Political Engagement (the Selma Project) was produced for the exhibition CIA: Centre for Incidental Activisms at the Art Gallery of York University

Research/Project Design/Creation: Deanna Bowen

Toronto Protest Booklet Printing: Michael Maranda/Parasitic Ventures Press

Canadian Protest/Neil Young Performance, January 19, 2011 at AGYU: Ross McKie

Video Documentation: Christopher Behnisch

Production Assistance: Scott McLaren

Interview with Clayton Ruby (Toronto, ON, Wednesday, 24 November 2010)
  • *NB: Deanna Bowen would like to make the following corrections to the interview with Clayton Ruby
    York University’s March 18 and March 26, 1965 ProTem Newsletters were edited by David Victor John Bell, Fred Gorbet, Victor Hori, and Alan Offstein.
    Deanna Bowen incorrectly stated in her interview with Mr. Ruby that Victor Hori is the Head of Religious Studies at McGill University.
    It should be noted that Professor Hori is an Associate Professor in the Asian Religions Area of the Religious Studies faculty at McGill.
Interview with Daniel Drache (Toronto, ON, Thursday, 27 January, 2011)
  • Daniel Drache participated in the March 1965 solidarity sit-in at the US Consulate in Toronto and was an administrator with SUPA (Student Union for Peace Action, formerly known as the Combined University Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament or CUCND).
    He is currently a Professor in Political Science at York University.

Installation view:  framed page from Lorraine Hansberry’s To Be Young, Gifted, and Black: Lorraine Hansberry in Her Own Words, photocopied copies of the 26 March 1965 Pro-Tem Student Newsletter, hand printed “Sit-Downers” booklet (edition of 500)

“ …Do I remain a revolutionary?
Intellectually — without a doubt.
But am I prepared to give my body to the struggle or even my comforts?
This is what I puzzle about.”

Detail: “Sit-Downers” booklet (Selma Solidarity March, Toronto 1965)
AGYU mailing insert: 18 March and 26 March 1965 York University ProTem Newsletter. 2011, photo copy paper, 8.5″ x 14″
Installation view:  Deconstruction of a Political Engagement (the Selma Project) with video documentation of opening night performance.  2011, shared platform, carpet, sleeping bag, case of beer, misc. magazines, karaoke machine, microphone and amplifier.
Opening night “Canadian Protest/Neil Young performance” for Deconstruction of a Political Engagement (the Selma Project), 19 January 2011, Art Gallery of York University.
Ross McKie as Canadian Protester
Koko + Johnson. “What did the postman bring today?” Koko + Johnson Akimblog, January 18, 2011